What is Flicker?

Unperceived by the naked eye, flicker causes serious problems like migraine, headache, eye strain, anxiety and difficulty concentrating when exposed to them for prolonged durations. Flicker in luminaires occurs as a result of modulating the current to electric light sources. Conventional sources like fluorescents and incandescents introduce high flicker rates into indoor environments. Even though the human visual threshold is about 50Hz, if a light source is flickering faster than 50 times per second, it can still have a negative impact on our health and productivity.



  • Can account for 38% of reported migraines
  • Can be a leading cause of headaches, eye strain, and fatigue
  • Can induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy
  • Can affect individuals with autism spectrum, due to their visual hypersensitivity.
  • Can induce a stroboscopic effect, which can pose hazards when operating fast-moving machinery.