Effective lighting influences our buying decisions

We all know that products that look better, sell better as well. With competition in the retail sector getting stronger by the day, brands competing for consumers on every level tend to attract consumers by appealing to their senses. Lighting is a major aspect of our visual senses and hence its quality is of paramount importance at shaping the buying decisions of a customer in brick-and-mortar retail operations. The level and quality of illumination at a store make an immediate impression on someone who walks in. Its purpose extends from setting the mood for the shops to acting as a wayfinding tool for customers. Modern lighting solutions even have the ability to help amplify brand strategy by communicating its theme to the on-lookers.

"80% of the sensory information that our brains receive come from our eyes, impacting our mood on how we feel, what we think of a product, and ultimately to purchase or not."

Vegetable aisle lit in 80+ CRI LED light
Effective Lighting in Vegetable Aisles can enhance the fresh appearance of the produce
Study by LEDs Magazine to evaluate the sales on a fluorescent case versus a LED case

In the supermarket, colors come to the top, when it comes to making buying decisions, especially with food. Nothing says "fresh" like the lush green veggies, vibrantly colored fruits and the sight of a bright red steak at the meat aisle. Lights play a major role in making identical products appear completely different. Traditional lighting like halogen lamps, do a pretty good job with their warm-toned light and would also radiate heat and UV rays to the merchandise. This would result in vegetables and fruits to ripen and wilt soon, keeping staff engaged throughout the day to turn produce over. Newer lighting technologies like metal halides and fluorescents fixed the problems from heat projection, but couldn't match color quality, with fresh food looking dull.

Research from the Seoul International Color Expo shows 93 percent of customers list visual factors as their top consideration when shopping. Additionally, 85 percent of shoppers say color accounts for more than half of the factors they consider when purchasing a product.

The Shift to LEDs

Known for their energy efficiency, LED lighting solutions are proving to be much more enticing for grocers in comparison to the older-generation lighting like fluorescent or halogen lamps. The modern LED lighting solutions deliver unprecedented user control options and brilliant color rendering indices, making merchandise displays more engaging. The gradual shift to this newer technology is fueled by LED's proven track-record of imparting a better ambiance and enhancing the appearance of the latest produce to look fresher.

Energy bills incur a major expense for supermarkets. According to EnergyStar.gov, a 50,000 Sq.ft supermarket racks up approximately $200,000 in annual energy bills. Given that lighting and refrigeration costs constitute a major portion of this bill, savings in lighting can be significant. IKIO's LED Lighting fixtures, such as LED Shop Light and LED Refrigeration Light can reduce up to 80-85% in lighting costs while offering a superior 90+ CRI for brighter and crisper colors. Thus, an upgrade can serve the two major utilities of energy savings and upholding the visual appeal of the merchandise to the customers, the two vital things grocers can't miss out in today's competition.