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IKIO is a global energy saving solution provider and a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting, with operations in the United States, India, China and UAE. We are uniquely positioned to offer the right solutions and value for your LED Lighting requirements because of our holistic approach and vertically integrated infrastructure.

With a wide range of sustainable and efficient products, we have developed a plethora of lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Our fully integrated manufacturing setup is capable of churning out new gen LED lighting products consistently without compromising quality. Our 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants have a combined manufacturing capacity of 10 million fixtures annually. With the in-process success rate of more than 99.32%, we have demonstrated that we truly believe in ‘quality over everything’ philosophy. The ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18001 quality certifications, further establish this fact.


Our journey began in 1987 when we started manufacturing rotary switches and potentiometers under the brand of Fine technologies. In just 30 years, we have grown from being a small electronics and component manufacturing operation to a global manufacturing operation.

With this immense know-how, we forayed into the manufacture and marketing of LED lighting systems in 2005. With our robust expansion, we are not just breaking our year over year records in the Asian and Middle-eastern markets, but also increasing our presence rapidly in the United States. With multiple projects successfully delivered in the USA, we have positioned ourselves as a leading brand, best in its class for providing customized solutions in LED Lighting. Today, here at IKIO, we are spearheading the revolution of LED lighting innovation through our consistent focus on R&D and operational optimization. This endeavor has resulted in the development of sustainable products which are changing the landscape of the lighting industry and energy conservation.

Technology & Manufacturing

We are a leading innovator of LED lighting technology and 100 percent committed to the sustained advancement of solid-state lighting systems.

  • Annual manufacturing capacity of over 10 million fixtures.
  • 6 Manufacturing plants across the globe.
  • Development of comprehensive energy saving solutions using lean systems.
  • Continuous and consistent focus on R&D with the help of a world class R&D team.
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing setup with in-house automated powder-coating and injection molding facilities.
  • In-process success rate >99.32%.
  • Major quality certifications like ISO 9001, 14000 & 18001, and OHSAS.
  • Stringent and no-compromise quality testing and analysis using spectrometer, thermal chambers, LCR meter, isolation tester, etc.


Superior quality –it’s what drives everything we do here at IKIO. Our leading edge begins with ingenious materials that provide a high-efficiency performance for each luminaire found in the portfolio of our products. With over three decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the science that drives LED lighting systems to deliver you a complete range of LED solutions in line with your application.

At IKIO, we follow strict quality control protocols and have partnered with sourcing companies known for their outstanding records in maintaining impeccable standards of their supplied components. With our R & D Lab, assembly lines and a round-the clock team of well equipped engineering and support staff, we strive to deliver innovative, reliable, efficient lighting solutions befitting our client’s specific needs. We hope to deliver only the best in terms of expectations and the quality of our services and we continuously audit and upgrade ourselves to meet them in an orderly and timely fashion.

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