The country's only airport, with a museum program accredited by the American Association of Museum (AAM) has added another must-see art installation at the airport's parking structure elevator tower.

Coding, as the installation is called, creates a luminous experience with its mirrored square and rectangle windows, representing old-school morse code 'dots' and 'dashes' to spell out "San Francisco". The dynamic color-changing design elements make a  magnificent art installation which dazzles the airport exterior throughout the day and night.

Its artist, Johanna Grawunder said, “we are in the age of coding,” . “San Francisco is a city of layers that can be discovered slowly in neighborhoods and microclimates, or breathtakingly all at once, such as from the Golden Gate Bridge. Each layer has its own complexities and ‘codes’ to be cracked. Coding is an immersive environment installation defined through layers of codes — decorative elements that each express a specific quality and experience of the elevator tower at the long-term parking garage. These code-layers are dynamic day and night through the use of materials that respond to reflection, luminosity and programmed color-changing light.”

The artistic lighting installation at San Francisco International Airport, commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, uses dynamic lighting solutions which utilize RBGW wall washing lights and centralized dynamic light control to create spectacular immersive light shows that not monotonous. The coordinated lighting between the lightboxes and elevator shafts and cars execute Grawunder's artistic magnificence and sheds some light on the extent of possibilities one can use LED lights to not just light up spaces, but also create ambiances that are soothing and aesthetically pleasant.