IKIO’s LED lighting systems are created with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. It has been our sustained mission to provide efficient, ingenious and high quality LED lighting solutions through consistent collaboration and innovation. Not only do IKIO LED lighting systems use less energy to produce an equal amount of light as their conventional counterparts, but also produce less heat, saving energy for air-conditioning and other appliances.

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We continue to keep our focus on creating innovative technologies to bring sustainable products for the market because we here at IKIO understand that savings on energy also means fewer greenhouse gases and more money in your pocket. We recognize the future environmental and economic impacts that would be brought about by climate change and increasing energy demands in the upcoming future. Hence, we strive to reduce emissions and enhance energy efficiency at all our IKIO sites.

Since our R&D team is constantly dedicated to advance and upgrade our technology, our lighting systems are produced in an efficient and sustainable way. Which means fewer materials are needed to manufacture the same product, which leads to a reduced system cost and the number of leftover materials which need to be recycled or thrown away as waste.